Born in Senegal, Yere’s founder Kine Niasse moved to Spain at the age of one. She graduated in Marketing and Events and worked in the corporate world for international companies in different parts of the globe, from the Middle East, the US to different European countries. She now resides in London, where she founded Yere in 2021.

She feels very privileged for having studied what she wanted and being able to choose who she wanted to be. She’s very aware of how, unfortunately, many children over the world do not have the same privilege, even when education should be something basic every child should have access to. Especially in some countries, women and girls are the most undereducated segment of the population. Providing marginalised women with education is one of the most powerful steps that can be taken to improve global living standards, helping to tackle poverty and inequality. With poverty being the greatest barrier to access education, investing economically in women and girls will improve the health and wealth of both entire nations and our planet. With real access to education, women could do amazing things: launch businesses, become health workers, run schools, lead governments and make a better world for everyone.

With this as a core belief, at Yere we aim to empower women by boosting their intellectual capacity and their financial independence. We’re proud to say that we support the Baobab Senegal Education Initiative (BSEI), a charity focused on providing education to unprivileged girls in Senegal. The project aims to eliminate the illiteracy rate among girls and young women and reduce poverty in order to build a bright future for themselves, their families, and their communities. By doing so, we’re also working closely to reduce the poverty levels in remote rural areas of Senegal and assist the most marginalised girls and families.



Our Vision:
Empowerment through education

Collaborating with the Baobab Senegal Education Initiative Inc. 501(c)(3) we’re actively supporting girls and women from rural Senegal discover their educational aspirations at all levels. We’re doing so at different levels.


An educated girl is more likely to become involved in the workforce and in return, bring economic stability to her family and community. Studies have shown that women invest around 90% of their income into their families and communities, thus reducing poverty and ensuring health, safety, and education for everyone.

Human Rights

An educated girl will have knowledge of her individual rights and freedom of choice, and will exercise them.


An educated girl has the opportunity to dream big and to make those dreams that she once thought impossible become a reality. Education catapults girls into a brighter future, empowering them to change their lives, their communities, and the world.

The Baobab Senegal Education Initiative works on different fronts, assisting girls and women in different ways. First, by sponsoring 19 girls in several towns in Senegal, including Lac Rose, Koalas, and Mbettite. They provide all the educational needs, such as fees, textbooks, uniforms, stationery, and other miscellaneous expenses until their graduation. BSEI is also currently funding two adult women’s literacy programs with the collaboration of the Build On program and providing a tutoring program in Lac Rose to help the school girls with the CEFE exam to enter middle school. They’re also currently raising funds to welcome five girls to Long Island, NY this summer, to attend a summer camp at the Ivy League Camp in Smithtown, NY and they’ve partnered with Air Senegal and the American Chamber of Commerce with this objective. And finally, they’re also working on providing birth certificate registrations for children born in rural areas so they’re legally registered and can pursue their education conveniently.

We’re currently helping organise fundraising events in London and Mallorca (where our founder Kine Niasse spent her childhood). The main purpose of these events is to create awareness of the problems the foundation is working on solving and to raise money for all of these fronts they’re covering right now. We’re planning on contributing ourselves when we’re able to and help with their traveling to study abroad and with their educational needs.